Are you looking to simplify the assembly of your parts directly within the tooling while enhancing their functionality ?

The Multitube technology allows for the assembly of complex parts directly within the same tooling through the use of overmolding.

This innovation differs from traditional welding in that it enables:

  • Assembly of different materials.
  • Monoblock part quality and performance.

Assembly of different materials through overmolding:

In welding, for two pieces to be assembled, their melting temperatures must be close and have a common range.

In overmolding, we combine a molten piece with a “cold” piece. Therefore, it becomes possible to assemble materials with more contrasting melting temperatures.

Examples of material combinations:

  • Combining a PA6 with a locally more technical material like PA4.6 to address a hot zone.
  • Pairing a PP with a flexible material like EPDM for a bellows function.

Monoblock part quality and performance:

The use of overmolding, instead of welding, improves the repeatability of the process and its cleanliness. In fact, with no friction between the parts during assembly, there is no dust generation. The repeatability of the overmolding process is enhanced, resulting in a consistent and high-quality end product.

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