Bannière Usinage


A dedicated cell to ensure quality and promote responsiveness.

The machining activity is based on our know-how with fully automated and robotic industrial production means.

Through the experience of the realization of various designs, the quality of equipment and the suitability of measurement means,  machining parts can be done 24/7

  • Materials : aluminium, stainless steel, pre-treated steel, quenching steel, copper, brass, bronze, titanium, Inconel
  • Automated production 24/7
  • Complete or partial manufacture
  • Prototypes gathered or not
  • Prismatic parts up to diagonal 1250 mm ; cylindric parts up to ø = 250 mm
  • Precision parts: machining tolerances +/-0.01
  • From unit part to mini-series
Pièce de machine

The means of production

– 5 fully automated cells
– Milling centers 3 and 5 axis up to diagonal 1250mm
– Turning, profile and cylindrical grinding machines
– Wire cutting machine
– Three-dimensional measurement machines
– Air-conditioned production area

With our partner AGP FIl
– Wire EDM up to Z max = 600 mm
– Fast drilling


Denis Ancian

Denis Ancian

Machining Expert

Alix Nicolas

Alix Nicolas

Machining Technician